Principals: Select a Senior for the Tyler/Grandmaison MELMAC Scholarship

Posted April 9, 2014

It’s time to nominate a Senior from the Class of 2014 for the Tyler/Grandmaison MELMAC Scholarship. Click the link below and use the login information that was mailed to you to fill out your nomination form.

College Admissions Office Contacts For Scheduling A Campus Visit

Posted March 28, 2014

UMaine System Contacts (PDF)

Community College Contacts (PDF)

Materials from the March 2014 Peer Learning Session

Posted March 7, 2014

Thank you to all the grantees, presenters, and coaches who attended the March 6th Peer Learning Session.

Peer Learning Session Agenda
- March 6, 2014 Peer Learning Session Agenda (PDF)

The Relationship Between Poverty and Achievement in Maine Public Schools – And a Path Forward (David Silvernail)
- The Relationship Between Poverty and Achievement in Maine Public Schools – And a Path Forward (PDF)

Fostering Resilience for College Success (Elyse Pratt-Ronco)
- Fostering Resilience For College Success (PDF)

Middle School College Access Activities (Sadie Shaw, Central Aroostook HS; Katie Flood-Gerow, Valley HS; Todd Sanders, Gardiner Regional Middle School; Maureen Ferriter Ames Elementary School, Belfast)
- Junior High Career Day – Central Aroostook (PDF)

Transitions Fair: focus of these fairs is students with disabilities that require transition planning (Kevin Stilphen, Phil Divinsky, Tina Mikkelsen, Annemarie Salzberg, PATHS; Bonnie Shaw, Mt. View HS)
- Transition Open House – PATHS (PDF)

Apprenticeship Opportunities (Joan Dolan, Maine Apprenticeship Program; Chris Trider, IBEW 1253; Brian Watson, Cianbro; Jennifer McKenna, Plumbers and Pipefitters)
- Cianbro (PDF)

Maine Department of Education Data Collection (Bill Hurwitch, Director Statewide Longitudinal Data System; Lance Gilman, Trainer Statewide Longitudinal Data System)
- Using the Statewide Longitudinal Data System to Inform Decision Making (PDF)

Early College Opportunities (Pay Doyle, Oak Hill HS; Linda Ewing, Lawrence HS )
- Lawrence HS – Duel Enrollment Program (PDF)
- Evolution of the Dual Enrollment Program at Lawrence High School (PDF)
- Early College at Oak Hill High School (PDF)

Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation & The Landing School (Carrie Enos, ME Pulp & Paper Foundation; Barry Acker, Landing School)
- UMaine Pulp and Paper Foundation (PDF)
- Pulp and Paper Flyer – “Consider Engineering” (PDF)
- Pulp and Paper Flyer – Scholarships for Engineering Students (PDF)
- The Landing School (PDF)

2013-2014 Important Dates

Posted June 12, 2013

MELMAC’s 2013-2014 Important Dates list is now available. The Important Dates list can be downloaded using the following link: 2013-2014 MELMAC Important Dates

Grantee Contact Form

Posted June 11, 2013

All MELMAC grantees are required to submit updated grant contact information. Forms must be submitted to the Foundation electronically to

Grant contact forms can be downloaded using the following link:
2013-2014 MELMAC CATP Grant Contact Sheet



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  • 2013-2014 Important Dates

    2013-2014 MELMAC Important Dates are available on the home page